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Posted by Yolande Deschenes on Thursday, August 19, 2010 Under: Updates
Big changes ahead!

The most significant change is going from Yolande Deschenes Couture to Yola Couture. Short and Sweet, right? Why did I make the change? I have a few reasons, the first being that Yola is considerably easier to pronounce for most people than Yolande Deschenes. It's my name and I love it, always have because it's not likely I will run into another! The truth is, though, that many people struggle with it, it's rare that on meeting someone for the first time that I don't have to repeat my name several times and even then it is still often mispronounced (It's Yo' laund by the way).

Another reason for the change is that it's more memorable. Like I said, short and sweet. Continuing from the mispronouncination discussion, it's easy to understand that if a person can't pronounce it in the first place, what are the chances they will remember it? 

As I type Yolande Deschenes Couture I think, "....Oh my God, this is long..." so I sympathize with anyone who has sent me an email through the old address or typed the website name into their address bar. I think you'll like the reduction from 23 letters to 11 letters! I certainly do since I type it several times a day! Maybe this name change was purely selfish after all!

The final reason I will propose for this, I think, fantastic alteration is representation. I welcome all thoughts on the points I have made above but especially those pertaining to this one. I believe that Yola Couture is a better representation of the art I create. Yes, I think of my dresses and skirts and tops, etc as art. Yola seems to me to represent a more youthful and fun image whereas my full name seems kinda snobby and pretentious. Again, I emphasize that I love my name and I won't deny that sometimes it really does suite me perfectly, however the point is the the shortened version is more suited to my quirky, fun youthful side which is what I tend to show in my work.

I would love to hear any thoughts on the change, positive or negative. 

Thanks for reading.

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