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Posted by Yolande Deschenes on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 Under: Updates
17 months ago I moved to China. I remember the disappointment and concern expressed by those who thought I was politely announcing the end of Yola. Well, guess what? Yola is back!!

I know many thought I was being reckless and impulsive (my father mostly) for moving to the other side of the world, jumping into a culture I really knew next to nothing about and where I couldn't even speak the language. Why did I do it? Why did I walk away from Yola and, everything really... don't worry, this is not an epic tale of self-discovery and acceptance, that doesn't mean I haven't grown personally as well as professionally but that was not the goal (at least not consciously) of my adventure. In an effort to keep this a brief blog entry rather than a novel chapter, I will say this: 

At four years old I received one of the best gifts of my life, a globe (it was this glorious inflatable thing that, at the time, stood about as high as I was tall). From then on I dreamed (probably excessively-always was/am a dreamer) about travelling the world. Not just travelling but experiencing. I have no real desire to spend a week at a resort, that seems like a waste of an experience. I want to really absorb the culture. All this time in China, I have spent one day in Shanghai, 3 days in Xi'An and I have never been to either Hong Kong or Beijing. I have been down alleyways and travelled on filthy old trains though! Much more interesting... that doesn't mean the other more touristy places hold no interest for me, they do but my point is there is much more to see, and not just creepy things! So I live in China, I know China, I love China, and perhaps one day I will move on to another part of the world but for now I don't think I can really explain how amazing the experience has been and how happy I am that I finally got my travel on! Anyway, back to the important stuff:

We've missed two seasons and couldn't possibly be more thrilled to be returning to Ottawa Fashion Week! 

Here's a tiny sneak peek, if you've checked us out on Facebook and Twitter then this old news and further confirmation that you must attend OFW to see the rest!

Despite working with a sample maker this time around I still managed to be hands on during the design process. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection maintains the hand-embellished look that Yola has been known for since it's first OFW appearance in 2010. 

Lesson learned: having a sample maker does not stress relieve.... It's more difficult than it sounds, I have to transfer my ideas, that at times are only partially formed, from my head to paper and then to the head of the sample maker. There were a few stumbles but in the end I have the collection I was hoping for... Of course, as I mentioned before, I took many of the samples home and added a little of this and a little of that to make them truly Yola. 


That's enough! If you want to see more then we'll see you at OFW on Friday, October 12th! 

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