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Posted by Yolande Deschenes on Thursday, September 30, 2010 Under: Designer Discourse
I wanted to take a minute to thank some people who have helped me, believed in me and my fashion vision and encouraged me to do what I love over the last couple years. Starting a clothing line requires some cash, something I don't have (I still work a full-time job to pay the bills much to the annoyance of my beagle), any money I can scrape together usually goes toward buying fabric so my entire portfolio and all the photography I use on this site and in print advertising is done entirely by volunteers. Without this support I would not be able to present my work with such professional quality and artistry.Nor would my dress babies be able to walk the runway with such presence!

There are two photographers that I would like to name specifically. I have worked with both on a number of projects and am so grateful for the time and talent they have contributed toward the making of my portfolio.
Thank You to Maria Kuzmina and Christine Leblanc!!

Now to the models! I think by now I have worked with 50 or more models so I am not going to name all by name! I would like to thank Angie's Models & Talent, located here in Ottawa. I have worked with many Angie's girls and they are always professional and fierce! Quickly off the top of my head I'd like to specifically thank Elodie, Cassidy, Thea, Lilly, Louisa, Sarah Alexandra and Karina from AMTI, you girls have represented my designs with the perfect attitude and charm and made hard work look effortless!!

I must also thank Elle, my dear, dear Elle!! I may have mentioned her before, she is the red head who is rather popular on this site! Whenever I have a new project in the works, the first model that comes to mind for the photo shoot is Elle. I think at this point she is the face of Yola Couture so you will definitely be seeing more of her!!

Those are my thank yous or shout outs for now. Of course, there have been many others who have been there for me and for Yola Couture and I thank you too, don't think you have been forgotten!!

To all of you who have "volunteered" your time and talents, fingers crossed, one day I'll be able to pay you!!

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