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It's about time!
At the end of this month, September 2010, that is, Yola Couture takes the first baby step towards providing you lovely people with ready-to-wear options! Granted it's a small start, a "mini collection" but it's only the beginning and I'm very excited! I've put together three skirts in a variety of sizes (size 2- size 14) all of which are made in 100% silk, Dupioni silk to be specific. It's one of my absolute favorite fabrics, if you pay attention, you'll notice I use it a lot!

In other ready-to-wear news, the samples for the spring/summer 2011 Yola Couture collection are ready to hit the runway! And they will very soon, I'll keep you updated!
This will come as a surprize, especially after reading the above paragraph, however, the spring/summer collection has no silk at all. It sounds crazy, but it's true, I've opted for a different natural fibre so you'll be seeing a lot of cotton in beautiful flowery colours!
The really important thing to remember is that this means in late February 2011 you'll be able to buy ready-to-wear dresses!

Thanks for supporting Yola Couture!

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