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This season's Ottawa Fashion Week has come and gone and, in my opinion, it was the best to date. So much work goes into such an incredible event and all the people that I had the pleasure of working with during the past few weeks leading up to OFW were amazing.

model: Shay

I am so happy with this collection. Honestly, with most of my work I flip flop back and forth between loving and questioning specific pieces or entire collections. I'm not going to lie, the same is true with this collection but this is the first time I can think about a collection and feel good about every piece after all is said and done; there's usually at least one piece that I remain unsure about.

model: Bianca

model: Keti

model: Emma

I think a big part of why I feel good about this collection is the reduction in size. My first OFW collection had 22 pieces, my second OFW collection had 30 pieces and this time around I dropped down to 18. I feel like each piece was really well thought out and I wasn't pacing my sewing room the day before the show commanding myself to think of something fabulous to add to the collection.

model: Relitza from MIM

That being said, I did add four dress to the collection very last minute. I did model fittings the weekend before the show and after reviewing my notes and the photos I decided that some of the collection just didn't work for me and I couldn't put pieces on the runway I wasn't happy with so I made the new pieces, which were completed two days before the show so I still wasn't feeling all that rushed; generally, when I'm in the right mood I can put together up to three dresses in an 8 hour period.

model: Kim

model: Shay

model: Alissa from MIM

I felt like a bit of a diva backstage before the show because I cut the collection again. I was originally showing a 20 piece collection but decided very last minute that two outfits wouldn't work. The coordinators were very understanding and supportive of the decision, which I appreciated and I hope that in the end no one actually did think of me as a diva!

model: Yovana from Angies

As has become the custom with these blog posts I have to name some names. It's kind of like my acceptance speech because no matter how much work I put into a collection these shows would never ever work without all the work of so many people. I usually stick to models and photographers with this kind of thing but I want to make it very clear that the work that Gabrielle (the head OFW designer coordinator) and Chris (my designer coordinator) was beyond all expectations and really made this experience as great as it was!

The hair and makeup team, I really am speechless! The work they did for OFW in the fall was amazing and they actually managed to further amaze me with their hard work and brilliance. It's unfortunate that I don't have any really great shots of the hair but trust me it was beautiful! I will try to find some photos that really show off the hair.

model: Cailey

model: Anaise from MIM

model: Lilly from Angies

Obviously Alcides gets a huge thank you, you can see his name on the bottom of all the photos in this entry so I won't insult anyone's intelligence by stating what his obvious contribution was!

The models, what would I do without the models?! There is obviously some recurring faces from event to event as you may have noticed, this is a clear indicator that I really like something or everything about the re-booked models!

I don't have photos yet of all of them on the runway this season so I'll make a brief list here, if you want to match missing faces with names you can probably match quite a few by going back though older entries!

Giant THANK YOUs to: Adele, Alissa, Yovana, Lilly, Cassidy, Relitza, Emma, Kim, Cailey, Keti, Shay, Anaise, Bianca and Carla.

model: Kim

Extra Special Thank Yous

Lilly: This girls has enough personality for 10 people, she's loud and silly sometimes and perfect to have backstage! It's people like Lilly that relieve some of that backstage tension!

Adele: This is someone who is elegant, poised and professional but by no means boring!Obviously, I know her as a professional but have had the opportunity to have a few conversations with her and am left with no doubt that she is an all around great person! And she's pear shaped like me so what's not to love!

Shay: Another great personality! She reached out to me last fall regarding OFW and I am really glad she did because now whenever I have a shoot or show that needs casting she is one of the few I think of first. Add this name to the first two as another great energy to have backstage before a show!

Yovana: Sweet and quiet but a seriously powerful runway model. I don't think it's just the walk though, her poses are always perfection. Always on the top of my list for the runway even though alphabetically she's always last! (I know how that feels!)

Cassidy: Even though she makes me feel old because she is so young, this is another incredibly talented and professional person I have had the pleasure of working with for the past couple of years.

Bianca: I don't know her well at all but I thought her stage presence and runway attitude absolutely worth mentioning.

In all fairness I didn't see the whole show because I was busy getting models dressed, I have no doubt that all the models did an incredible job, why else would I have chosen them for the show in the first place, right?!!

model: Adele

In conclusion (finally), I feel that the show was a huge success in a bitter sweet sort of way given the big changes on the horizon. For those who don't already know you can check out my other blog to get yourself up to speed! I will try to write a post about it specifically here too. Anyway, I don't think this show could have been any better, I am proud of myself and as I've stated and restated, I am sincerely grateful to all who made OFW and my individual experience as amazing as it was but my hound is happy to have her mama back!

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