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This is long over due, I know!

At the National Gallery of Canada at about 6:45pm on October 31st, 2010 the new Yola Couture collection hit the runway for Ottawa Fashion Week. If you couldn't make it to the show check out the runway section, I've posted some photos from the runway and from backstage before the show, courtesy of Christine Leblanc Photography.

 You may recognize the dress that proudly graced the cover of Metro on Nov. 1st, if you  keep reading you'll see it... Thank you Metro, even if you did spell my name wrong!!

In the spirit of thank yous I have to say that the hair and makeup team was soooo amazing! I mean, look at the hair in the photos, pretty awesome right!

And models, so much love for the models! I've thanked models in previous blog entries and I'll do it again now, there may be some overlap but that just shows how much love I have for these ladies!

Adele, stepped in and made the show better than it could have ever been without her!


Karina, beautiful, professional and patient!


Elle, she knows I love her.... and that hair!!





Ashley (this was the dress on the cover of Metro!)



My first time working with Barret Palmer models, I think three out of fifteen girls where BP girls and what a fantastic experience!
All 15 girls who walked for me were fantastic and the show was as fun and fashiontastic as it was because of the work each girl put in!

And, of course Angies girls never let me down and continue to impress me! And MIM contributed some incredible talent to the Yola runway line up too!

doesn't this make you excited for spring, when you get to buy these fabulous dresses and wear them, be sexy or cute or both and, most importantly, have fun!!!

That's all for now. I have more to say but it will have to wait for a new chapter in this novel!!

:) Until you read again....

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