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Lexie has arrived!

Lexie is the mini collection previously mentioned that marks the Yola Couture ready-to-wear debut. Exciting stuff!
They are my take on a conservative classy look. I took that concept and created these skirts to embodied the a fore mentioned look without being boring. The idea is to make a fashion statement without going over the top and without sacrificing style or comfort. I felt it was also important to offer something that can be worn again and again, not something impulsive or flashy that you buy and wear once then goes into hibernation at the back of your closet. I sincerely hope you enjoy my contribution to fashion!

Along with the ready-to-wear debut, it seems it was destined that I make my modeling debut as well. Let's be clear, I am not a model, however, there were a few set backs in getting the photos I wanted/ needed for the site with the model I wanted (Elle-the red head you see all over the site) so the last minute stand in had to be me. So I've pulled a Beyonce (modeling for my own clothing line) and I'm a bit freaked out about it. Hopefully both my ready-to-wear debut, as well as, my modeling debut are a success!!

Before I go, I want to thank Christine Leblanc, the photographer who came to my rescue and took the photos of Lexie (and me pretending to be a model), you saved me and it's appreciated!!

Be back with more exciting news soon!

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