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Posted by Yolande Deschenes on Thursday, August 8, 2013 Under: Designer Discourse
How the time does fly! 
I couldn't possibly let a whole year pass without saying hi! Is there a new Yola collection in the works? I'm keeping that a secret for now but if you know me at all you know there's always something in the works, the wheels are always turning! 
In exactly one month I will be on my way back to the motherland, that is my motherland, Canada. I have no big events planned, other than my dear friend's wedding to attend (super excited, my first wedding since being the flower girl at my uncle's wedding when I was six), but I look forward to seeing what's going on in my hometown with my own eyes. I have met some wonderful people over here in the business who are kind, supportive and helpful to me and my alter ego Yola. 

I see it all the time here in China and it horrifies me....  You would think it was common sense that hiking up a thousand stone steps on the side of a mountain would not be an appropriate time or place to wear your new stilettos but I have lost track of how many times I have seen this insanity..... But, who knows, maybe they are just in better shape than me!
Same goes for gym attire, denim shorts and a ruffly blouse on the treadmill....really? really?!! 

Okay, I will try not to keep you waiting too long for me to give you some truly interesting and exciting Yola news.

Bye bye for now!

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