About Yola Couture

Behind the Designs

Yolande Deschenes knew at a very early age that fashion design was her "calling". With crayon in hand the 3 year old future style maker sketched her first dress design. No longer confined to the triangle dresses popular on the stick women from her past, Yolande is offering trend-setting women an "outside the box"  fashion experience.

Always looking for new challenges and experiences, Yolande is about to travel to the other side of the world to teach English in China. Excited to experience the historically and culturally rich culture of of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Yolande is equally excited to explore the treasures of the textile and fashion industry in China while finding inspiration for her future designs in every place she visits.

The Yola Fashion Experience

Classy-Sexy-Feminine-Edgy. Yola Couture is high fashion for real life. With creative, unconventional hand applique and subtle detailing paired with classic feminine silhouettes, a contemporary--chic look is born.

All Yola products are designed and manufactured in Canada.


Photo courtesy of Christine Leblanc